Asp.Net Core With MongoDB CRUD Operation


CRUD Operation Using Core and MongoDB database

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Why to use MongoDB as a backend for Core?

MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database that allows you to define JSON based documents which are schema independent. The schema can be mapped with Tables in a Relational Database. A schema in MongoDB is called as collection, and a record in this schema is called as document
In open source modern web applications, the use of a NoSQL database is gaining popularity due to its non-relational behavior. In this project, ASP.NET Core performs CRUD Operations on a collection.

This is developed using Microsoft core version 3.1 and MongoDB version 1.0
This is very useful for learning core crud operation with MongoDB database.
This comes with Full source code as well as database which you can use as the starting point of your first .net core project with Mongodb as database.


CRUD Operation For User

CRUD For Books

CRUD For Car

CRUD For Movies

CRUD For Property


Technical Features

● Cross platform runs on windows, Linux, mac.

● No Sql Database MongoDB.

● C#.

● EF Core / Code First.

● JQuery.

● Bootstrap Themes.

● Responsive Design.

What you will get is

● Full Source code.

● Full Database.

● Documentation Of Technical Guidance to Run a Project in your System.

● Screenshots.

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