Asset Management System with Barcode | ASP.NET Core | EF Core | .NET Core 6.0


Asset Management System | ASP.NET Core | EF Core | .NET Core 6.0

Asset Management System (AMS) is a multi-functional complete web application developed using ASP.NET Core and EF Core code first technology. It enables you to manage all kinds of assets for your company through proper monitoring and a dynamic reporting system.
You can manage assets available in your office, like computers, Printers, Portable Hard-disk, Pen-drive, etc. You can track the history of assets as well.

Live Demo:

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Asset Management System with Barcode | ASP.NET Core | EF Core | .NET Core 5.0 - 1
Asset Management System with Barcode | ASP.NET Core | EF Core | .NET Core 5.0 - 2
Asset Management System with Barcode | ASP.NET Core | EF Core | .NET Core 5.0 - 3

Core Feature:

Software Inventory Management:

Manage all the software of your organizations with the Asset Management System. It provides you with a dashboard to input all the software purchases you have made. Update the license dates from when it was installed, to when the software will expire.

Hardware Inventory Management:

Supervise the status of your hardware and the employees’ using it with the help of the Asset Management System. Record all the data about the hardware like a purchaser, date of purchase, number of equipment bought, list of all the equipment acquired, et cetera. You can also see the employees who are assigned to use the hardware.

Asset Life Cycle Management:

Track an asset life cycle in the organization with Asset Management System. Check for the date it was bought for and see how well the asset was utilized.
Organizations are also enabled to see how many employees have used the asset for what amount of time. It just makes your asset management seamless.

Asset History:

It is a very simple feature that allows you to track any change in assets. Ex new assignment, asset status change, etc.

Supplier Management:

Asset Management System provides a module to manage all your Suppliers in one place. It also helps you with managing all suppliers.

User Management:
Users are provided with admin accounts while registering their company. Admins can create IT Manager Accounts and others custom account by limited page access.


Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, ASP.NET Core 6.0, IdentityCore, Entity Framework Code First, MS SQL SERVER 2017, AdminLTE 3.0.5, JavaScript, jQuery data table, bootstrap 4, sweetalert, toastr, Fontawesome etc.

Prerequisite Application

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, Dot Net Core 6.0, MS SQL SERVER 2017, IIS, Chrome/Edge Browser.


Full Source Code and code first project running guideline.

Demo Video Preview

App Screenshot

Key Features

  • Software Inventory Management
  • Hardware Inventory Management
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Asset History
  • Asset Allocation
  • Employee Management
  • User Management
  • Dynamic Reporting System
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • And many more

How to Run Project

Step 1:
Unzip the downloaded folder(

Step 2:
Open Sln.HMS.sln file with Visual Studio 2019

Step 3:
Update database connection: appsettings.json
“DefaultConnection”: “Server=DEVSTATIONMSSQLSERVER2017;Database=AMSDev;User ID=sa;Password=dev123456”

  • Server=Your MS SQL Server Name
  • User ID= Your MS SQL Server User Name
  • Password= Your MS SQL Server User Password

Step 4:
Build and run by pressing f5

  • No need to create migration rule and update database. You just need to build and run the application. Already initial migration rule included with the project. Please make sure MS SQL server running properly.


If you want to modify or add new features, you can always contact us at,
[email protected]

Version 1.0.6: Saturday, October 15, 2022

- Updated to Dotnet 6.0 [Entire Project]
- Refactor User Module
- Added audit trail/logs core
- All Page Partilly loading (REST API)
- Added Request Module: Asset Request and Issue
- Bug fixed and optimized 
- Added swagger documentation 
- Added MySQL Support 

Version 1.0.5: Sunday, August 07, 2022

- Asset Request
- Asset Issue 
- swagger
- Bug fixed

Version 1.0.4: Saturday, June 06, 2022

-- added thermal print option for barcode print

Version 1.0.3: Sunday, April 10, 2022

-- updated dotnet 5
-- bug fixed barcode issue

Version 1.0.2: Thursday, February 3, 2022

-- added asset wise barcode 
-- added barcode print option

Version 1.0.1

Initial Release


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