Dashboard Template | ASP.NET Core MVC Web Starter Kit


Dashboard Template | ASP.NET Core MVC Web Starter Kit

ASP.NET Core MVC Web Starter Kit is a complete template application that is designed & developed in such a way, so that project bootstrapping tasks can be minimized. This project can be used as a complete admin dashboard by enhancing further business.
We have used the code first approach, latest AdminLTE (beautiful and responsive design), and multiple database support such as MSSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Added major technical features like, database audit log, multi-language support and so on.

Also covered a complete CRUD operation steps by steps video explanation with details of project architecture and data flow (MVC).

Live Demo:

User Name: [email protected] Password: 123
Web URL:

Core Feature

  • ASP.NET Core MVC Architecture
  • Entity Framework Core code first
  • Identity Core
  • Multiple database support: MSSQL | MYSQL | PostgreSQL
  • Multi-language support
  • AdminLTE Latest Version(3.2.0)
  • User Management
  • Role base page access, dynamin sidebar menu
  • Multiple CRUD Operation details example
  • Generic dropdown data load from Database
  • Dynamic SMTP email setup
  • Details video on project architecture with one CRUD example
  • All CRUD operations used ajax call, so no full page loading
  • Identity dynamic setting
  • User login history
  • Database audit log
  • Partial page update CRUD operation
  • Razor and jQuery for Front End
  • jQuery DataTable for faster data load
  • Sweet Alert2 and Toaster notification
  • select2 dropdown
  • Swagger for API documentation
  • Dependency Injection
  • Standard Naming conventions
  • JWT Token-Based Authentication and Claim-Based Authorization
  • All Methods are Async/Await
  • CORS Settings
  • Docker Support

Third-Party Plugins:

  • Bootstrap and AdminLTE
  • Font Awesome
  • Select 2
  • DataTables (with all exports options)
  • daterangepicker
  • datepicker
  • NToasty
  • sweetalert2


Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 or later, ASP.NET Core 6.0, Identity Core, Entity Framework Code First, MSSQL SERVER 2017/MySQL, AdminLTE 3.2.0, JavaScript, jQuery data table, bootstrap 4, sweetalert, toastr, Fontawesome etc.

Prerequisite Application

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 or later, .Net Core 6.0, MS SQL SERVER 2017/MySQL/ PostgreSQL, IIS, Chrome/Edge Browser.


Full Source Code and code first project running guideline.

Demo Video Preview


App Screenshot



If you want to modify or add new features, you can always contact us at,
[email protected]
WhatsApp: +8801674411603
Skype: shahedatomap
Telegram: shahed71bd
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdHAVwuNUtfqZRFVI6qf7mg

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release


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