SmartHRM – Human Resource Management System


SmartHRM is an awesome open-source Human Resource Management Solution.
SmartHRM is very easy to install and user friendly and responsive.

SmartHRM follows standard ASP .Net Core 6.0 MVC, C# , TypeScript coding style and use MS SQL Server database. and serenity framework.


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Demo Information:

Admin Login:


Username: admin

Password: admin1234


  1. Full source code is included. Technology includes ASP.Net Core 6.0, C#, TypeScript
    MS SQL Server.
  2. A modular, service based web application model.
  3. Full Documentation is included.
  4. Dashboard
  5. Employee Management
  6. Department Management
  7. Holidays Management
  8. Leave Types Management
  9. Leave Application Management
  10. Company’s General Setting
  11. Administration
  12. User Management
  13. User Role Management

System Requirement.

  • Windows Server or Windows Based Hosting
  • IIS7 OR above
  • .Net Core 6.0 Should be Installed
  • MS SQL Server 2019 or above version
  • Visual Studio 2022

Installation Steps

  • Unzip Solution
  • Upload to your hosting domain or iis
  • Create a database in your hosting and run a given sql script.
  • Change Connection string of database in appsetting.json file
  • Run It
  • your application ready to use now.

Application change history

V 3.0
Date: 26/0972022
Framework Upgraded to latest 6.0.8
Upgraded from asp .net core 5.0 to core 6.0

V 2.0
Date: 21/09/2021
Upgraded from ASP .NET core 3.1 to core 5.0 

V 1.0
Initial release: Date: 28/12/2020


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