Booknetic – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling [SaaS]


Booknetic is multi-purpose appointment plugin for WordPress that allows businesses to automate their online bookings.


Its comprehensive list of features helps users easily install and configure their appointment booking process at their own will. With the advanced integration options such as PayPalStripe, and Zoom meetings you can completely automate your appointment process.

The appointment plugin for WordPress saves your time and human resources by handling repetitive tasks. EmailSMSWahtsApp notifications make sure no appointment will be missed. You can better get prepared for each appointment with enhanced customization features like form builders and templates. The appointment plugin for WordPress guarantees smooth business operations with 247 customer support. With a broad dashboard, you will be on top of the management of your locations, employees, and services.

Booknetic SaaS - WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling system
Booknetic SaaS - WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling system
Booknetic - WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling system
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Paypal, Stripe, Local payments:

With the appointment plugin for WordPress, you can benefit from 3 different payment systems.

  1. Paypal – The Booknetic plugin supports the world’s most popular payment tool Paypal. You can activate/deactivate the Paypal payment tool as you wish in your system. By setting up the “Sandbox” mode, you can make test pays also.
  2. Stripe – The Booknetic plugin supports the world’s famous payment system, Stripe. You can activate/deactivate the Stripe payment tool as you wish in your system.
  3. Local – If you want to get your recipes on the spot from your Customers, this solution is up to you. You can activate/deactivate the local payment method as you wish in settings.

Booknetic - PayPal, Stripe, Local payment methods

Woocommerce integration:

You can use a variety of payment gateways and WooCommerce opportunities by integrating WooCommerce.
Booknetic - Woocommerce integration

SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications:

You can keep your Customers and staff informed with SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications. You get an opportunity to send notifications when new appointments are created, rescheduled, canceled, or the status of the appointment is changed. Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress supports 2 mail gateway; SMTP and WP mail gateways. You can use the Twilio service for sending SMS and WhatsApp notifications.
Booknetic - SMS, Email, and WhatsApp notifications

Integration with Zoom:

After the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic spreading over the world, Zoom has become a vital tool for teams of small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses that want to keep in touch and continue their daily works with minimum disruption. Thanks to its new integration, you can plan meetings with your Customers directly on Zoom. With your Zoom Integrated Appointment Booking system, you will plan and combine your meetings in different places. Now all in one place!
Booknetic - Integration with Zoom

Google Calendar 2way Sync:

With this integration, you can automatically sync all your appointments to Google Calendar. As a result, you can monitor your appointments directly from your Google Calendar application without even visiting your site. Using a wide range of keywords, you can customize your Google calendar event description as you wish. With the appointment plugin for WordPress, you can also set up reverse integration via 2-way sync. So, the time slots that you mark as busy in Google Calendar will be automatically busy in the Booknetic calendar, and your Customers will not be able to book this time slot.
Booknetic - Google Calendar 2way Sync


Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress has simplified how you can connect with clients. You can now automatically send SMS, WhatsApp, and Email reminders to reap a host of benefits for both you and for your clients.
The most common reason for missed appointments is the client simply forgetting. Aside from the inconvenience, these represent several lost opportunities; the client didn’t show, the client who could have taken their place, and the client who could have been a returning client.
Booknetic - Reminders

Notifications in different Languages:

If your site is multilingual, you will need to send specific notifications for each language for your Customers who use your site in different languages. Using this feature, you can send particular Email, SMS, WhatsApp notifications for your site’s language.
You can also set different notification templates specific to each service, staff, and location and send them to your Customers and staff.
Booknetic - Notifications in different Languages


With Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress , you will have a chance to send invoices about your services. However, preparing invoices is quite a complex and time taking task. With the Booknetic Invoice feature, everything will be created automatically and fast in PDF format.
Booknetic - Invoice


You can offer discounts to your Customers with the coupons you have created, so your Customers will be able to appoint a specific service or all of your services by paying less.
Booknetic - Coupons


You can create Giftcards and present them to your Customers through the appointment plugin for WordPress. The Giftcard you have created will correspond to a certain amount, and if the Customer uses this gift card when making an appointment, the money paid will be out of the gift card balance.
Booknetic - Giftcards

Multiple locations:

The Booknetic plugin is multi-locations supported. If your company is located simultaneously in several locations, you can combine your points on a system by adding each other separately. You can accept separate bookings for each area, and you can add staff for locations and by comparing your locations, you can create a rating schedule for creating competition between.
Booknetic - Multiple locations

Manageable calendar:

With an up-to-date interface and informative calendar, you can see your employees’ employment schedule. Whether you choose a monthly schedule or choose a weekly schedule, you can look at the daily schedule on the Calendar module. You can also view appointments in the list view through the List view if you want. You can filter appointments in your calendar based on locations, services, and staff.
Booknetic - Manageable calendar

Multi-level categories:

In the Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you can create your services with multi-level service categories. With the perfect structured view, you can easily categorize your business services. The service Module has been created by using the latest design and technology for your convenience. If you have a lot of services, the list mode will be beneficial for you. With the list view, you can list your services in a single row.
Booknetic - Multi-level categories

Built-in Form-builder:

The appointment plugin for WordPress allows to tailor your custom fields to your business using the multi-function Form Builder with your Front-end booking pane. You can look at different forms at the same time and select each form for various services.
Booknetic - Built-in Form-builder

Customizable design:

With the Booknetic plugin, you can design your front-end booking panel to suit your business colors in any way you like. There are 7 styles available: Default, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink. You can choose one of the styles you want, or you can create a new template from your own.
Booknetic - Customizable design

Easy to translate:

You will be able to translate or change any words in the Booking panel easily. Head over to the Settings > Booking panel > Label menu and enjoy the visual translating module’s ease.
Booknetic - Easy to translate

Service extras:

With the Booknetic system, You can connect sub-services – extra services for your services too.
Booknetic - Service extras

Recurring appointments:

With the Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you can keep the booking of your repetitive services in a convenient and superb interface. With the wide-ranging, flexible configurations, you can integrate every type of your business’s recurring service into your system.
Booknetic - Recurring appointments

Export & Import data:

You can easily migrate your entire booking system to another website with Booknetic. The Booknetic system has the built-in Export & Import feature in the Settings section. You can export your whole Booknetic data, configurations, etc., and then import the backup file into the new website. It will help you build your website in the local machine and migrate the data to the production or migrate your booking system from one domain to another.
Booknetic - Export & Import data

Insightful dashboard:

With our helpful dashboard’s help, you can easily make your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual analysis. You can easily reach information about how many appointments you have for the time you have chosen, how many hours these appointments are, and how much they have earned. Besides, upcoming appointments and pending appointments are also on our dashboard.
Booknetic - Insightful dashboard

Deposit payments:

Whether you’re working in the beauty or fitness industry, every service professional’s been there: you arrive at work and take stock of the day’s schedule. You’re fully booked, and you’re waiting for the day to start, ready to greet your first client. And you keep waiting. Maybe the phone rings, and it’s your client, canceling 15 minutes after their appointment was scheduled to start. Now, you’re left scrambling. Even with your waitlist enabled, it’s often too late to re-book the newly vacant spot. Now, you’re left in an impossible position: do you enforce your cancellation and no-show policy and risk losing the client, or do you take the hit to your daily income? The appointment plugin for WordPress enables deposit payments to save you against any cancellations or no-shows

Group Appointment:

Group appointments – also called group visits or witnessed appointments – vary widely but tend to have several core elements to ensure that clients get the service they need with less amount money.

Breaks, days-off, etc:

With this feature, you can set specific hours of the day or certain days of the week as a non-working time. For example, you can set aside 1 hour of meals a day, and you can set a break time by using this feature so that this mealtime is not visible to your customers on the booking panel.

Google ReCaptcha:

Most of the WordPress Booking Appointment Plugins users complain about spam appointments. If their service is free or demands in-office payment, it causes big problems such as spam appointments. Thanks to the Google ReCaptcha feature of the Booknetic WordPress Booking Appointment plugin, such cases are not a problem anymore. By configuring Google ReCAPTCHA, Booknetic users will have a chance to avoid spam appointments.

Starting guide:

You need to set some things for the Booking panel to start working, such as working hours, service. If you are new to our plugin and have trouble locating such settings, this is a good guide for you.

Custom CSS for Booking widget:

If there is a CSS change that you think you need to make in your Booking panel, you can do so through this feature. You can easily change the settings that you cannot change in Appearance via Custom CSS.

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