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BusinessBook is a complete ERP Business & Accounting Software that gives your customers the ability to create and manage businesses, invoices, estimates, customers, tax & expenses. Users also can create multiple businesses with different Branch so they can easily keep track of their businesses in one platform.

It is developed by C# dotnet.5. It is designed and develops for thinking shop, small business, company and any types of business. Here has accounting, management, invoice,user and data analysis.

  • core .Net 5.0
  • C#
  • Database (Ms SqlServer)
  • Project Description

    Application manages the Sales Invoices as well as Payments, Purchase Invoices as well as Payments, Customers, Suppliers, Expense / Income, Tax & Tax Grouping, Units, Categories, Products, ProductsGroup, Brands and business required Reports and much more.
    Very responsive template used, Advanced reports for review like Sales report, Purchase Reports, Sales Payments Reports, Purchase Payments Reports, Customer Ledger, Supplier Ledger, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss Reports , Balancesheet Reports, Expense reports, Customer reports, Suppliers reports, Stock Report and many mores……..

    Application can be ready to install on local computer or on server with easy installation process.

    • Complete Source Code & Database

    • Easy for installation and easily can update.

    • Regular updates
    • Free future updates
    • Welcome for suggestions


    BusinessBook - Cloud-Based Online Inventory & Accounting Software - 2

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