CRM Pro – Customer Relationship Management Software


CRM Pro – Customer Management Application System

CRM Pro, is an ASP.NET Core web application which enrich its systems with customer management features. Carefully crafted to produce feature rich application with consistent and clean UI so it can be simple and easy to use. Fit for any companies that want to start their digital transformation.

We understand as programmer, we want full control of our software, that’s why we shipped the product with full source code so it can be customized and enhanced. Developed based on famous ABP Framework, make this product a perfect choice for developers who want to start develop software correctly and going to the next level into pro developers world by implementing clean architecture and DDD. ABP Framework provide enterprise grade software architecture with great amount of documentations to ease the learning curve.

The product come with full source code. Please be advised, enterprise grade software architecture may be found difficult and complex for new beginner .NET Developers.

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Azure Online Demo

We have invest in Azure to specially provide online demo for our customers, so they can test drive and experience the richness of the application. Please use below link to access the live demo.

Please try the online demo before you buy to see if it fit your needs or not.

Most Requested Features

Now the product fully equipped with the most requested features that complete its main customer management features, such as:

  • Clean and consistent theme
  • Support for multi languages
  • RBAC or Role based access control
  • Calendar and booking
  • Dedicated Document management system
  • Finance management
  • Kanban Stages and Pipeline

Functional Features

  • Dashboards
  • Customer Management Data Master
  • Customer Management Lead Transaction
  • Customer Management Customer Transaction
  • Customer Management Contact Transaction
  • Customer Management Note Transaction
  • Customer Management Service Quotation Transaction
  • Customer Management Sales Quotation Transaction
  • Customer Management Expense Transaction
  • Customer Management Task Transaction
  • Customer Management Important Date
  • Project Order Transaction
  • Project Order Report
  • Project Order By Customer Report
  • Project Order By Sales Executive Report
  • Service Product Data Master
  • Service Order Transaction
  • Service Order Report
  • Service Order By Customer Report
  • Service Order By Sales Executive Report
  • Buyers Data Master
  • Vendors Data Master
  • Purchase Order Transaction
  • Purchase Receipt Transaction
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Purchase Order By Vendor Report
  • Purchase Order By Buyer Report
  • Purchase Receipt Report
  • Sales Executive Data Master
  • Sales Order Transaction
  • Sales Delivery Transaction
  • Sales Order Report
  • Sales Order By Customer Report
  • Sales Order By Sales Executive Report
  • Sales Delivery Report
  • Finance Cash And Bank Data Master
  • Finance Vendor Bill Transaction
  • Finance Vendor Debit Note Transaction
  • Finance Vendor Payment Transaction
  • Finance Customer Invoice Transaction
  • Finance Customer Credit Note Transaction
  • Finance Customer Payment Transaction
  • Finance Vendor Bill Report
  • Finance Vendor Debit Note Report
  • Finance Vendor Payment Report
  • Finance Customer Invoice Report
  • Finance Customer Credit Note Report
  • Finance Customer Payment Report
  • Finance Cash And Bank Report
  • Inter Warehouse Transfer Transaction
  • Delivery Order Transaction
  • Goods Receipt Transaction
  • Delivery Order Report
  • Goods Receipt Report
  • Unit of measure Data Master
  • Product Data Master
  • Warehouse Data Master
  • Stock Adjustment Transaction
  • Stock Movement Report
  • On Hand Stock Report
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Resource Data Master
  • Expense Transaction
  • Calendar Transaction
  • Booking Resource Transaction
  • Todo List Transaction
  • Document Management System
  • Booking Report
  • Company Setting
  • Currency Data Master
  • Department Data Master
  • Employee Data Master
  • Number Sequence Management
  • Roles Management
  • User Management
  • Email Server Settings

Technical Stack

Utilize the best development tools, controls and frameworks on the .NET market technology stack. All those luxury come with ease using their world class community edition which is FREE.

  • ASP.NET Core 5 (Razor Pages)
  • ABP Framework (Free Community Edition) With Internal Custom Theme
  • Syncfusion EJ2 JavaScript Control (Free Community Edition)
  • Visual Studio 2019 (Free Community Edition)
  • C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • MS Management Studio for MSSQL Server (Free Express Edition)

You can start immediately use or modify the source code, no need to purchase any additional license.

Minimum Knowledge Requirements

You are a .NET Developer with below conditions:

  • Have or little experience of using Visual Studio 2019 (or above)
  • Have or little experience working with .NET Core

Regret to inform you that other than .NET Developer is not sufficient for this product. Other developers without .NET knowledge such as: PHP and JAVA Developer are not recommended to buy this product.


In my career as software programmer, I have been struggle finding best and perfect architecture for my software solution, until I met ABP Framework. Developed by talented software engineer from Volosoft, ABP Framework provide enterprise grade and modern architecture that fit my software solution need and align with expert recommendation. Whether you are going with monolithic (as I did) or going with microservice, ABP Framework provide both. And another best part for me is they provide great, detail and helpful documentation and tutorial so we can get started with their technology easily. Feel free to visit ABP.IO and prove it your self. Last but not least, they open source their product at Github so we can see how the master doing software development and of course the freedom of using it FREE ly.

Free Support

We don’t provide paid support. We support this product through free support service without any additional cost, you can use email to [email protected] for free support help.

Free Support Note:

  • 1. Support provided through email
  • 2. Customization is not supported
  • 3. Application deployment and hosting is not supported (Our core business are selling software and source code)
  • 4. Free product / Bonus app is not supported
  • 5. Response time within 48 hours

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Support is not applicable for free bonus app.

Version History

September 29, 2021.
- Change theme from AdminLTE into Gojazz
- Change architecture into clean architecture with DDD
- Change page approach from classic MVC into Razor Pages (preferred way according Microsoft docs)
- Improve RBAC (Role Base Access Control)
- Add REST API for all application layer method (Swagger configured by default)
- Add document management 
- Add Calendar
- Add Booking resource
- Add Todo List
- Add Multi language
- Add Finance
- Add Kanban View for Stage and Pipeline
March 24, 2021.
- Bug fix and improvements
- Upgrade Asp.Net Core version from 2.2 into 5.0
July 06, 2018. 
- Initial Creation


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