Invoice Ezzy – Invoice Management System


Invoice Ezzy- Invoice Management System

Invoice Ezzy, is an ASP.NET Core web application, which will help you manage your company invoice documents. It also equipped with additional important feature to help your day to day business operation such as: purchase cycle, merchandise and inventory.

We understand as programmer, we want full control of our software, that’s why we shipped the product with full source code so it can be customized and enhanced. Developed based on famous SERENITY.IS Framework, make this product a perfect choice for developers who seek great software architecture with simple project structure. Consist only one single project with modularity separated by folders, make the architecture easy to follow.

The product come with full source code.

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Azure Online Demo

We have invest in Azure to specially provide online demo for our customers, so they can test drive the application to see it fit or not. Please use below link to access the live demo.

Please try the online demo before you buy to see if it fit your needs or not.

Most Requested Features

The product fully equipped with the most requested features that complete its main invoice management features, such as:

  • Clean and consistent theme
  • RBAC or Role based access control

Functional Features

  • Dashboards
  • Sales > Sales Channel
  • Sales > Customer
  • Sales > Sales Order
  • Sales > Sales Delivery
  • Sales > Invoice
  • Sales > Invoice Payment
  • Sales > Sales Return
  • Sales > Credit Note
  • Sales > Credit Note Payment
  • Purchase > Vendor
  • Purchase > Purchase Order
  • Purchase > Bill
  • Purchase > Bill Payment
  • Purchase > Purchase Receipt
  • Purchase > Purchase Return
  • Purchase > Debit Note
  • Purchase > Debit Note Payment
  • Merchandise > Uom
  • Merchandise > Size
  • Merchandise > Colour
  • Merchandise > Flavour
  • Merchandise > Brand
  • Merchandise > Category
  • Merchandise > Product
  • Inventory > Shipper
  • Inventory > Location
  • Inventory > Warehouse
  • Inventory > Positive Adjustment
  • Inventory > Negative Adjustment
  • Inventory > Transfer Order
  • Inventory > Stock
  • Inventory > Movement
  • Finance > Cash Bank
  • Finance > Expense Type
  • Finance > Expense
  • Finance > Expense Payment
  • Finance > Balance
  • Finance > Cash Flow
  • Settings > Company
  • Settings > Currency
  • Settings > Purchase Tax
  • Settings > Sales Tax
  • Administration > Languages
  • Administration > Translations
  • Administration > Roles
  • Administration > User Management

Technical Stack

Utilize the best development tools and frameworks on the .NET market technology stack. All those luxury come with ease using their world class community edition which is FREE.

  • ASP.NET Core 5 (MVC)
  • Serenity Web Application Framework (Free)
  • AdminLTE (Free)
  • Visual Studio 2019 (Free Community Edition)
  • C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML
  • MS Management Studio for MSSQL Server (Free Express Edition)

Minimum Knowledge Requirements

You are a .NET Developer with below conditions:

  • Have or little experience of using Visual Studio 2019 (or above)
  • Have or little experience working with .NET Core

Regret to inform you that other than .NET Developer is not sufficient for this product. Other developers without .NET knowledge such as: PHP and JAVA Developer are not recommended to buy this product.

How to Run the Project

Below are simple steps to run the project:

  • Unzip the product
  • Open the project solution using Visual Studio 2019
  • Edit the connection string at appsettings.json to target your mssql server
  • Run the project by press the play button

note: the database will be automatically created.

Free Support

We don’t provide paid support. We support this product through free support service without any additional cost, you can use email to [email protected] for free support help.

Free Support Note:

  • 1. Support provided through email
  • 2. Customization is not supported
  • 3. Application deployment and hosting is not supported (Our core business are selling software and source code)
  • 4. Free product / Bonus app is not supported
  • 5. Response time within 48 hours

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Version History

November 12, 2021. 
- Initial Creation


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