Teaser PiP – WordPress Plugin


You don’t have to change anything on your website. Teaser PiP it’s a floating video that appears fixed on the bottom right or left of your website. The user can expand it to see it in fullscreen and unmute it to listen to the sound.

The video starts playing automatically (autoplay) even on mobile! Of course it has to start muted, but that’s why it’s unobtrusive.

You can use it to catch user attention to a product or service you have on your website.

Do you have any ideas that could improve this plugin even further? Let us know and we will try to add it to the next version.

Teaser PiP - WordPress Plugin - 1
Teaser PiP - WordPress Plugin - 2

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy admin
  • browser compatibility


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