WooCreds Exchange – Selling Points Through WooCommerce Gateways


Have you ever wanted to sell myCred Points through WooCommerce gateways? WooCreds Exchange is here for you.

We kindly recommend that you consider purchasing this plugin only if you intend to utilize both the Woocommerce and myCred plugins.

Before we proceed, let’s take a moment to understand what myCred and WooCommerce are

  • myCred: This is a free WordPress plugin that provides websites with powerful award point management and virtual currency capabilities. You can find more information and download it here https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycred
  • WooCommerce: It is a leading e-commerce platform specially designed for WordPress. It allows for seamless integration and provides user-friendly tools for managing online stores. You can learn more about it and download it here https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce

As you might be aware, the default myCred Buy Points form is basic, rigid, and lacks extensibility. Moreover, myCred does not support refunding Points in case a user would like a refund after making a point purchase.

WooCreds Exchange is developed to enable point selling as simple as possible while providing greater flexibility and extensibility through the built-in Cart and Checkout functionality of WooCommerce.

An integration between WooCommerce and the myCreds plugin can establish a virtual banking system within WordPress. This allows for the conversion of real money to virtual money and enables both Fully and Partially Refunds that are not available within myCred itself.

WooCreds Exchange plugin can work perfectly with all WordPress themes and it offers Action and Filter Hooks that you can utilize to extend its functionality.

And there’s even more! Get ready to take your reward management system to the next level with WooCreds Exchange.

Key Features

  • Selling Points through WooCommerce Gateways.
  • Fully and Partially Points Refund
  • Buy Points Widget
  • Elementor Buy Points Widget
  • Buy Points Shortcode
  • Translation ready
  • Clean Code and Extendable
  • Outstanding Support

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