WordPress WooCommerce eBay Connector Plugin


WordPress WooCommerce eBay Connector Plugin

TheWooCommerce eBay connector plugin helps to connect your WooCommerce-based store with the eBay marketplace. Now admin can import products, categories and orders from eBay to the WooCommerce store.

This plugin can list all the items from your WooCommerce site to your eBay account. The admin can import information related to products, categories, and orders from eBay to the WooCommerce store.

Also, this allows the admin to import custom-created shop categories on the eBay store to the WooCommerce site to keep both the stores more uniform..

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Why WordPress WooCommerce eBay Connector Plugin?

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Features of WordPress WooCommerce eBay Connector Plugin

  • Import simple and variable eBay products in WooCommerce store.
  • Import custom created shop categories from eBay to WooCommerce store.
  • Import eBay orders in WooCommerce store.
  • Export simple products from WooCommerce store to eBay.
  • Can map custom created shop categories in eBay with WooCommerce store category.
  • Admin can update imported product details.
  • Admin can configure the return policy details for exported products.
  • The product information like SKU, name, description, stock, images, and categories will get export and import along with the product.
  • Products synchronization with eBay condition and specification.
  • The admin can configure multiple eBay accounts.
  • Sandbox mode is available for testing and development.
  • Configure default product payment and shipping details.
  • The admin can set the cron for the auto-update of the product.
  • The admin can select the process for the auto-update.
  • The admin can also configure the International Shipping Service.
  • The admin can manage the Real Time Sync and update the information of the product based on the selected event.

Business Use

Now all the vendors can sell their products on the eBay marketplace apart from their stores. With the help of this connector, vendors can increase their customer base.

Vendors can merge all their products with the marketplace. They also upload their products, categories, and orders in bulk and can save their time and money.

No matter how big or small the business is or what type of sector your business belongs to, this eBay connector is sufficient for all. This connector makes your multi-selling process easy.

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"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 2.4.1"

Update: Added Import by date selection feature.
Update: Made changes in the pagination and sorting.
Update: Added Screen Options Feature.
Update: Added Variations Import and Update feature.
Update: Made changes in the sandbox part.
Update: Added variations sync support.

Enhancement - Changed the code structure to comply with webkul structure standards with 
Enhancement - Proper hooks and functions.
Enhancement - Made the code object-oriented.
Enhancement - Changes to make eBay options dynamic instead of static.
Enhancement - Changed the Database structure, and removed the raw tables.
Enhancement - Changed the view.
Enhancement - Changed the products fetch API.
Fixed       - Removed product map tables,nw saving eBay id and account id in metadata.
Added       - Added feature to narrow down category import in the import category section.
Added       - Added feature to narrow down category mapping.
Added       - Added support for multicategories i.e Primary, Secondary, Storefront1 and StoreFront2 for one product.
Added       - Added multi-account.
Added       - Added multi-account sync support, import, export.
Added       - Added variable product export.

Enhancement - Added Woocommerce Hooks to update the eBay store automatically.
Enhancement - Added hooks for Item Sold, Item Updated, and Item Refunded.
Enhancement - Added Filter to create only those products which are active.
Enhancement - Added default condition for the export item to ignore apply condition id in case a large number of the product.
Enhancement - Added Option to select that user wants to import shop category or eBay category.
Enhancement - Added Option auto map category according to eBay if categories are imported from eBay.
Enhancement - Added Ebay Listener to update the WooCommerce store automatically.
Enhancement - Added events Item Revised, Item Sold, Item End, Item Listed.
Enhancement - Added events control settings.
Enhancement - Added filter to create only active products.
Enhancement - Added option to set default condition ID. 
Fix - Fixed security issues.
Fix - Variable product creation issue.
Fix - Order creation of variable product issue is fixed.
v 2.2.0
Update: New feature to update products from eBay to WooCommerce and WooCommerce to eBay.
Update: Provide a complete list of shipping services that eBay provides.
Update: International shipping service can be configured.
Update: You can select the shipping location place as per the eBay list.
Update: Fixed error on creating order related to country ID.
Update: Update regarding eBay API version update.
v 2.1.1
Update: Introduce Auto export product and get mail of report of export.
Update: While importing orders now you can select a date.
v 2.1.0
Update: update date format selection style(Now can select on calender).
Fixed: Fixed import order-related issue.
v 2.0.0
Update: Categories creation process raw data for categories deletion is introduced.
Fixed: Database preparation removed, used for an unwanted purpose.
Fixed: Product, Order, and Categories APIs updated for better performance.
Fixed: The product description from eBay is filtered for some unwanted scripts and styles from eBay.
v 1.0.0
Initial release


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